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Terms of Service

Thank you for considering me for a Commissioned piece! Before we begin, please take a moment to look over the Terms of Service here, as well as the Guidelines if you wish! Agreeing to my guidelines are optional- however agreeing to the Terms of Service are mandatory.

By requesting a Commission, you are agreeing that you have read and accept my Terms of Service!


I have the right to refuse or cancel any commission for any reason. However you also have the right to cancel a commission request as a customer at any time before work has begun in order to receive a full refund. Before work starts on non-sketch commissions, I will let you know I am starting. After work has started, you may cancel for a partial refund depending on progress.


If you contact me before a message is sent indicating I have started, you may ask for a Cancellation/Full refund. However if I have started the work I might charge for whatever work is done. (For example if I am in a sketching stage for a full-colored piece; then you will be charged for a sketch rather than the full piece.) Any refunds requested after an artwork is completed will be refused. If I begin to see a pattern of refunds and cancellations, I reserve the right to place you on a blacklist: meaning that I will not accept a commission request from you for a period of time.

PLEASE NOTE: Traditional Badges are not eligible for refunds. This is mainly because the paper used is fairly expensive (watercolor, marker), and once the sketch is on the paper, the paper cannot be reused. Thus, please consider this before ordering a traditional badge!

3) FEES:

Any predicted fees WILL be shown on the estimate/receipt before a commission is started. If a character is particularly complicated, I will charge more for the extra time of adding in details.


You may post my artwork anywhere given that you do not claim the artwork as your own. No credit is needed to be given (though it is very much appreciated!). You may also edit said artwork as you see fit. This includes cropping, recolouring, and Filtering the artwork. However I once more ask that you do not claim the original artwork as your own. None of my commissioned artwork may be used for-profit. This includes things such as clothing, prints, advertisements, etc. I do reserve the right to ask that the artwork be taken down if I do not see it used for the purposes allowed in this TOS.


I do not send preview images and such while working on artwork. I will allow up to TWO SMALL EDITS. After that I will charge a fee for further edits. In the event that a noticeable marking, accessories, physical features or accessories are not correct or missing, I will allow changes to be made. Said changes will only apply to the provided description/reference given. Any changes to character post-commission will not make the artwork eligible for any sort of editing.


All payments are only accepted via Paypal in USD (US Dollars). I will not accept any payment via other currency, physical items, or artwork, unless previously discussed. Please note that any payment sent is acknowledged as a full agreement to my TOS. I will start the artwork ONLY after full, or at least 1/2 of the full payment is received ($50+ commissions). I will expect payment at least 24 hours after references are sent. If you do not send payment within 3 days: You will not be allowed to commission me again until I post a new journal/update stating that commissions are open. Prices are non-negotiable!

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