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Yo! Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Nova, and I'm a freelancer artist! I've been drawing from the young age of 5, and have always found it to be a passion of mine. Animation is my one true love, and I am always practicing and striving to improve so that one day I can get into the industry! I have been freelancing for near five years now, but have only recently begun doing it as my full-time job! Outside of work, I enjoy games, friends, and a passion for baking! Currently, I live near Dallas, Texas, with my fiance, three cats, and two very spoiled parrots!

Thank you for checking out my site, and I hope you enjoy! Should you need anything, feel free to contact me at the links below.


Both Commissions, and my store are available at my Ko-fi page!

Please check my gallery for more examples if needed!

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